Our Story

At FOMO, we believe in the power of those three special words: “Hey, nice watch.” It isn’t merely a statement for us, it is a promise.

FOMO, which stands for the colloquial term, ‘Fear Of Missing Out’ has us considering the ever-changing trends and fashion, but thinking that some things can remain timeless and versatile.


The timepieces that we carry are exactly those qualities, and you play a special role in this. There is nobody like you in this world. And because of that, there should be no other watch like your own – one that is exclusively crafted and customised to suit your needs and wants.


By combining the finest materials and the best craftsmanship, FOMO believes there is true luxury in simplicity, but hints of your own style and personality should permeate the final made-to-order watch … for affordable price.


Above all else, we want you to be you, and we want your FOMO watch to reflect you.